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Middle School Supply List 2020-2021

Griggsville-Perry Middle School                

Supply Lists                                               

2020 – 2021 School Year


***ALL STUDENTS will be required to have a mask, clean water bottle, & Sanitizer


5th Grade - Freeman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

#2 Pencils or Mechanical Pencils

Blue Pens

1 Liquid Glue

2 Glue Sticks

Expo Markers 

Multicolored Highlighters



Pencil Bag (With holes to fit in binder)


Gym Shoes

Red Folder (With holes to fit in binder)

Red Notebook (1 Subject)

Yellow Folder (With holes to fit in binder)

Yellow Notebook (1 Subject)

Blue Folder (With holes to fit in binder)

Blue Notebook (1 Subject)

Green Folder (With holes to fit in binder)

Green Notebook (1 Subject)

Purple Folder (With holes to fit in binder)

Purple Notebook (1 Subject)

Black Folder (With holes to fit in binder)

Black Notebook (1 Subject)

Composition Notebook

2 inch Binder

5x7 Index Cards

6 Tennis Balls

3 Kleenex Boxes

1 Clorox Wipes


6th Grade - Scranton/Manker

Pencils *standard or mechanical

6 – Single subject notebooks

Binder – 1 in.

6 – Pocket folders for binder

2 loose leaf paper-wide ruled

Colored pens



Colored pencils

Pencil bag or box *optional*


2 boxes of Kleenex

Plastic storage basket for small supplies that will fit on shelf

2 pkgs. of 4 low-odor Expo markers for use with

Padlock for PE locker

6 tennis balls

3 pack Clorox wipes

2 rolls of Paper towels

1 pack post it notes

1 Germ X













Title Reading - Sethaler

             #2 pencils

             2 boxes of Kleenex

             Germ X

             Notebook paper

             2 notebooks for notes


Reading-Bennett 7th-8th grades

            2 inch binder

            1 container of disinfecting wipes

            Loose leaf paper

            Composition book

            5 divider tabs

            Ink pens

            #2 pencils



            Post it notes

            Germ X


            Writing-Bennett 7th& 8th grades

            Note cards

            1 subject note book

            Loose leaf paper

            1 2 pocket folder





            Post it notes


            Language - Stauffer 7th & 8th grades

1-2 pocket folders

Disinfectant Wipes

2 Notebooks

Pens & pencils



Math & Science - Knight 7th & 8th grades

#2 pencils

Blue and black pens

            1 2-inch 3 ring binders for math

            2 1 subject notebook for math notes

            1 notebook for science notes

            2-2 pocket folder (red)

            1 ream of graph paper

            Glue sticks

            Colored pencils


            Index cards
















***ALL STUDENTS will be required to have a mask, clean water bottle, & Sanitizer



History, 7th grade Science – Apps

Not required but suggested - binder


Colored pencils

1 pkg. index cards


Notebook- utilized only for geography or history (required daily)


2 boxes of Kleenex



P.E., 7th grade Health- Sargeant

1 padlock for PE locker

Clean gym shoes are required for use in the gym.     

Old pair of shoes should be brought for outside use.

P.E. uniform (can be purchased in the office)



5th-6th - Butler Special Education                                                                                                   


Colored Pencils

Multi-colored Highlighters

Expo Markers

Tape (2)

Index cards (1- 5 x 8)


Pencil Bag (With holes, one that will fit in a binder)


Gym Shoes (5th and 6th)

Lock for gym locker (6th grade optional but suggested)

Red Folder

Red Notebook

Orange Folder

Orange Notebook

Yellow Folder

Yellow Notebook

Green Folder

Green Notebook

Blue Folder

Blue Notebook

Folder (color of choice)

Composition notebook (1)

Lined Paper (1-wide ruled)

2 Inch Binder (color of choice)


Clorox Wipes

Hand Sanitizer





















Ms. Fitch’s 7th - 8th grade Special Education

1 box Kleenex

3 2 inch binders (blue, red, yellow)

2 single subject notebooks

1 white board


Expo markers (dry erase)

 1 pkg. of index cards


Erasable pen


High lighters

Pencil box

Wide ruled notebook paper





Optional item (but strongly recommended)           

1 padlock for hallway locker (for 7th & 8th grade)



Middle School201 E. North StreetPerry, IL  62362

p. 217.236.9161

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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