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Read Wade Lipcaman's Award Winning Essay "Hunting in Pike County"

Lipcaman wrote the essay as part of Pike County's bicentennial celebration

Congratulations to Wade Lipcaman on winning the Middle School essay contest hosted by the Bicentennial Committee, for the 200th birthday of Pike County! All the students’ essays were “very good” per the committee. The Committee encourages all to keep on writing!

Hunting in Pike County

    Have you ever been to a place that is really pretty in all seasons, is the perfect spot to participate in your favorite hobby and you get to call it home? Luckily - I get to live in a place like that. I live in Pike County, IL and it is the perfect place for hunting, perfect place to live and is the perfect place to do all of my favorite hobbies. One of those hobbies is hunting. Hunting for what? Anything! Hunting deer and turkey are my two favorite types of hunting, but Pike County offers so much more than just those two types of hunting. Pike County is also known for our quality of hunting but not just the people that live here, but even people from out of town know all about hunting in Pike County. Hunting is also good for our local restaurants and shops to boost their income as small businesses during seasonal times. 

    In Pike County, there are a few different types of animals you can hunt. Bobcats, deer, and turkey to name a few. Bobcats are somewhat of a new type of animal to hunt around here. You have to have a special tag to hunt a bobcat and you are put in a drawing to see if you are a lucky one that gets a tag to hunt them. The stats on Bobcat kills in 2017 is that there were 141 bobcats killed in the state of Illinois and eleven of those were in Pike County. Deer have a higher population in Pike County than most animals that we hunt. In 2017, 144,150 deer were killed in the state of Illinois and Pike County held the honor of the highest number of killed deer at 4,459 kills that year. Turkeys are also popular to hunt in Pike County. In 2016, 15,484 turkeys were harvested in Illinois and 393 of those were killed in actual Pike County. There are different seasons for different types of animals you wish to hunt. The DNR is a very good, informative website to check to make sure you are following all of the rules. If you hunt with an outfitter, they have experts on all of these seasons as well. 

    Hunting isn’t just fun; it is a lot of people’s way to make a living for their family by owning an outfitting business or working for one. A lot of hunters that come to Pike County use an outfitter to help them guide their hunt or plan their hunt, so they can show up and hunt legally on approved ground.  To find a licensed outfitter, you can use the DNR website for contacts and names.  They need to be licensed to the county they hunt in. Pike county has twenty two licensed outfitters across the county. Almost all outfitters hunt deer and turkey.Outfitters are sometimes locally owned by families that rent their ground out to out of state hunters just for hunting season, or there are outfitters that are bigger name outfitters. Either way, as long as the person is licensed as an outfitter, it is legal to work with them to organize your desired hunt. 

    Hunting is a hobby turned into a vacation for many people and many families. The sport of hunting brings in a lot of extra people into Pike County and that is a good way to help out local businesses and families that own small businesses or outfitting businesses thrive. So, while the hunters might spend their early mornings and evenings in the woods, you will see them get off the property and visit local restaurants and shop local stores for supplies or other things they might need during their stay. 

    Hunting isn’t just fun and it isn’t just for out of state people that want to hunt or have a vacation. Hunting brings a lot of income to Pike County, a lot of tourists and a hobby to many local people that live in the county that want to teach their children how to hunt safely and responsibly. I’m happy I live in Pike County where I have the chance to learn so much about hunting as I grow up. 


Pike County Chamber of Commerce

URL: http://www.pikeil.org/visit/hunting_in_pike_county.php#.X8pugthKhPY

Illinois DNR

URL: https://www2.illinois.gov/dnr/LawEnforcement/Documents/OutfitterList.pdf

Heartland Lodge

URL: https://www.heartlandlodge.com/hunting-news/whitetail-deer/pike-count



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