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School Board Policies and September Meetings Information

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Board Policies as of September 2017

Index of Statutes.doc Index.doc 110 Sept 2016.docx 

Chapter 1

110 Sept 2016.docx 120 AP Dec 2016.docx 120 Sept 2016.docx 130 Sept 2016.docx Index 1.doc

Chapter 2 

0210 Sept 2016.docx 0220 (October 2014).doc 0220_e Dec 2014.doc 0230 Dec 2016.doc 0240 (October 2014).doc 0250 (October 2014).doc 0260 (October 2014).doc 0270 E Sept 2016.docx 0270 Sept 2016.docx 0280 (October 2014).doc 0280_e Dec 2014.doc 2100 (June 2014).doc 2105 Dec 2014.doc 2110 Dec 2015.doc 02120 E1 Sept 2016.docx 2120 Dec 2016.doc 2120 E2 Sept 2016.docx 2125 Dec 2016.doc 2125 E3 Dec 1016.docx 2125_e_1 Dec 2016.doc 2125_e_2 Dec 2016.doc 2130 Sept 2016.docx 2140 Dec 2014.doc 2140_e Dec 2014.doc 2150 Dec 2015.doc 2150_ap Dec 2015.doc 02160 (October 2015).doc 2160 E October 2015.docx 2170 Dec 2014.doc 2170_ap Dec 2014.doc 2200 Dec 2016.doc 2200_ap Dec 2016.doc 2210 Dec 2014.doc 2220 Dec 2016.doc 2220 e 7 Dec 2016.docx 2220 e 8 Dec 2016.docx 2220_e_1 Dec 2016.doc 2220_e_2-1 Dec 2016.doc 2220_e_3 Dec 2014.doc 2220_e_4 Dec 2016.doc 2220_e_5 December 2016.doc 2220_e_6 December 2016.doc 2230 (October 2014).doc 2240 (October 2014).doc 2240 E2 Sept 2016.doc 2240_e_1 Sept 2016.doc 2250 ap1 Dec 2016.docx 2250 AP2 Dec 2016.docx 2250 Dec 2016.docx 2250 June 2015.docx 2250_e_1 (October 2014).doc 2250_e_2 Dec 2016.doc 2250_e_3 Dec 2014.doc 2260 October 2015.doc 2260_ap_1 October 2015.doc 2260_ap_2 (October 2014).doc Index 2.docx

Chapter 3

310 Sept 2016.docx 330 Sept 2016.docx 330E September 2016.pptx 340 June 2015.docx 350 Dec 2016.docx 0360_e Dec 2014.doc 360 Dec 2016.docx 0370 Dec 2014.doc 370AP Sept 2016.docx section 3 index.doc

Chapter 4

0410 Dec 2016.doc 0415 Dec 2014.doc 415 AP Sept 2016.docx 415 E1 Sept 2016.docx 415 E2 Sept 2016.docx 415 E3 Sept 2016.docx 0420 Dec 2014.doc 0430 June 2014.doc 0440 Oct 2014.doc 0445 June 2015.docx 0445_ap Oct 2014.doc 0445_ap_2 Dec 2014.doc 0445_e_1 Dec 2014.doc 0445_e_2 Dec 2014.doc 0450 Oct 2015.doc 0450_e Dec 2014.doc 0455 Dec 2016.doc 0455_ap Oct 2014.doc 0455_e Dec 2014.doc 0460 Dec 2016.doc 0460_ap_1 Dec 2016.doc 0460_ap_2 Dec 2014.doc 0460_ap_3 Dec 2016.doc 0460_e Dec 2014.doc 460 AP4 E1.docx 460 AP4.docx 0470 Dec 2014.doc 0470_ap Oct 2014.doc 0480_ap Dec 2016.doc 480 Dec 2016.docx 0490 Oct 2014.doc 4100 Dec 2014.doc 4110 Dec 2016.doc 4110_ap_1 Oct 2014.doc 4110_ap_2 Dec 2014.doc 4110_ap_3Dec 2014.doc 4110_e Dec 2014.doc 4120 Dec 2014.doc 4120_ap Dec 2015.doc 4130 Dec 2014.doc 4130 Dec 2016.doc 4130 E.docx 4140 AP Sept 2016.docx 4140 dec 2014.doc 4140 E1 Sept 2016.docx 4140 E2 Sept 2016.docx 4140 E3 Sept 2016.docx 4150 dec 2016.doc 4160 dec 2014.doc 4160_ap dec 2014.doc 4170 Dec 2016.docx 4170_ap_1 dec 2015.doc 4170_ap_1_e_1 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_1_e_2 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_2 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_2_e_1 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_2_e_2 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_2_e_3 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_2_e_4 Oct 2014.doc 4170_ap_4 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_5 dec 2016.doc 4170_ap_6 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_6_e_1 Oct 2015.doc 4170_ap_6_e_2 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_7 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_7_e_1 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_7_e_2 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_7_e_3 dec 2014.doc 4170_ap_8 dec 2014.doc 04175 AP1 Dec 2016.docx 4175 dec 2016.doc 4175_ap_1_e_1 dec 2014.doc 4180 dec 2014.doc 4180_ap_1 dec 2014.doc 4180_ap_2 dec 2014.doc Section 4 index.doc

Chapter 5

0510 dec 2016.doc 0510_ap Oct 2014.doc 0520_ap dec 2014.doc 0520dec 2014.doc 0530 Dec 2016.doc 0530_ap_1 dec 2014.doc 0530_ap_2 dec 2016.doc 0535 dec 2014.doc 0535_ap_1 dec 2014.doc 0535_ap_2 dec 2014.doc 0535_ap_3 dec 2014.doc 0535_ap_4 dec 2014.doc 0535_e dec 2014.doc 0540 June 2015.docx 540AP Sept 2016.docx 0550 Oct 2015.doc 0560 dec 2016.doc 0560_e dec 2016.doc 560 E2 Dec 2016.docx 0570 dec 2014.doc 0580 dec 2014.doc 0590 December 2015.doc 5100 dec 2015.doc 5100_ap December 2015.doc 5110 dec 2014.doc 5120 AP1 Dec 2015.docx 5120 E June 2015.docx 5120 June 2015.docx 5120_ap_2 Oct 2014.doc 5125 dec 2014.doc 5125E Sept 2016.docx 5130 dec 2014.doc 5130_ap dec 2014.doc 5140 dec 2014.doc 5150 Sept 2016.docx 5150AP Sept 2016.docx 5170 AP4 Oct 2015.docx 5170 Oct 2015.doc 5170_e dec 2014.doc 5170AP1 Sept 2016.docx 5170AP2 Sept 2016.docx 5170AP3 Sept 2016.docx 5170E1 Sept 2016.docx 5180 June 2015.docx 5185 dec 2014.doc 5185_ap dec 2015.doc 5190 dec 2014.doc 5190_e_1 dec 2014.doc 5190_e_2 dec 2014.doc 5190_e_3 dec 2014.doc 5200 dec 2014.doc 5210 dec 2014.doc 5220 dec 2014.doc 5220_e dec 2014.doc 5230 December 2012.doc 5240 dec 2014.doc 5240AP Sept 2016.docx 5250 dec 2014.doc 5250_ap dec 2014.doc 5260 October 2014.doc 5270 Oct 2015.docx 5270_e dec 2014.doc 5280 dec 2014.doc 5285 May 2012.doc 5285_ap dec 2014.doc 5290 Oct 2015.docx 5300 dec 2014.doc 5310 October 2014.doc 5310_e October 2014.doc 5320 dec 2014.doc 5330 June 2015.docx section 5 index.doc

Chapter 6

0610 Dec 2014.doc 615 Dec 2015.docx 0620 dec 2014.doc 0630 dec 2014.doc 0640_ap dec 2014.doc 640 June 2015.doc 0650 Dec 2015.doc 0660 dec 2015.doc 0660_ap dec 2014.doc 0660_e dec 2014.doc 0665 dec 2014.doc 0670 dec 2014.doc 0670_ap dec 2014.doc 0680 dec 2014.doc 6100 E1 Sept 2016.docx 6100 E2 Sept 2016.docx 6100 Sept 2016.docx 6100_e dec 2014.doc 6100AP Sept 2016.docx 6110 dec 2014.doc 6120 AP1 June 2015.docx 6120 AP4 Sept 2016.docx 6120 March 2014.doc 6120_ap_1_e_1 dec 2014.doc 6120_ap_1_e_2 Oct 2014.doc 6120_ap_2 Oct 2014.doc 6120_ap_2_e_1 Oct 2014.doc 6120_ap_3 dec 2014.doc 6120_ap_3_e_1 dec 2014.doc 6130 May 2016.doc 6140 Oct 2015.doc 6140_ap Oct 2015.doc 6145 dec 2014.doc 6150 dec 2014.doc 6160 dec 2015.doc 6170 AP2 E2.docx 6170 dec 2014.doc 6170_ap_1 dec 2014.doc 6170_ap_1_e_1dec 2014.doc 6170_ap_1_e_2 dec 2014.doc 6170_ap_2 dec 2014.doc 6180 dec 2014.doc 6185 dec 2014.doc 6190 dec 2014.doc 6190AP Sept 2016.docx 6210 dec 2014.doc 6220 dec 2014.doc 6220_e_1 dec 2014.doc 6220_e_2 dec 2014.doc 6230 dec 2014.doc 6235 AP2 Sept 2016.docx 6235 AP3 Sept 2016.docx 6235 Sept 2016.docx 6235_e_4 Sept 2016.doc 6235_e_5 dec 2014.doc 6235AP1 E1 Sept 2016.docx 6235AP1 E2 Sept 2016.docx 6235AP1 Sept 2016.docx 6240 dec 2014.doc 6240_ap dec 2014.doc 6250 dec 2014.doc 6250_ap Sept 2016.doc 6250_e dec 2014.doc 6255 Sept 2016.doc 6260 Sept 2016.doc 6260_e Sept 2016.doc 6270 dec 2015.doc 6280 dec 2015.doc 6280_ap dec 2014.doc 6290 dec 2014.doc 6300 May 2016.doc 6300_e_1 Oct 2014.doc 6300_e_2 May 2016.doc 6310 dec 2015.doc 6310_e dec 2014.doc 6315 Dec 2015.docx 6320 dec 2015.doc 6330 dec 2014.doc 6340 dec 2015.doc Section 6 index.docx

Chapter 7

0710 Sept 2016.doc 0710_ap Sept 2016.doc 710 E Sept 2016.docx 0715 dec 2014.doc 0715_e dec 2014.doc 0720 Oct 2014.doc 0720_ap dec 2014.doc 0730 dec 2014.doc 0740 Oct 2015.doc 0740_ap Oct 2014.doc 0750 dec 2015.doc 0750_ap dec 2015.doc 0760 dec 2014.doc 0760_ap_1 dec 2014.doc 0760_ap_2 dec 2014.doc 0760_ap_2_e_1Oct 2014.doc 0760_ap_2_e_2 Oct 2014.doc 0760_ap_2_e_3 Oct2014.doc 0770 June 2014.doc 0780 dec 2014.doc 0790 Oct 2015.doc 7100 dec 2015.doc 7130 dec 2015.doc 7140 Dec 2015.doc 7140_ap dec 2014.doc 7140_e dec 2015.doc 7150 May 2016.doc 7150_ap May 2016.doc 7160 dec 2014.doc 7165 dec 2014.doc 7170 Oct2014.doc 7180 Oct 2014.doc 7180_ap_1 dec 2014.doc 7180_ap_1_e_1 dec 2014.doc 7180_ap_1_e_2 dec 2014.doc 7180_ap_1_e_3 dec 2014.doc 7180_ap_1_e_4 dec 2014.doc 7180_ap_1_e_5 dec 2014.doc 7180_ap_1_e_6 dec 2014.doc 7180_ap_1_e_7 dec 2014.doc 7185 dec 2014.doc 7185_e December 2013.doc 7190 AP 8 May 2016.docx 7190 E3 May 2016.docx 7190 E4 May 2016.docx 7190 May 2016.doc 7190_ap_1 June 2014.doc 7190_ap_2 May 2016.doc 7190_ap_3 May 2016.doc 7190_ap_4 May 2016.doc 7190_ap_5 Oct 2015.doc 7190_ap_6 dec 2014.doc 7190_ap_7 May 2016.doc 7190_e_1 May 2016.doc 7190_e_2 dec 2014.doc 7200 E1 May 2016.docx 7200 E2 May 2016.docx 7200 May 2016.doc 7210 E1 May 2016.docx 7210 May 2016.doc 7220 May 2016.doc 7220_ap Oct 2015.doc 7230 May 2016.doc 7240 May 2016.doc 7240_ap_1 Oct 2014.doc 7240_ap_2 Oct2014.doc 7240_ap_2_e_1 May 2016.doc 7250 dec 2014.doc 7250_ap_1 dec 2014.doc 7250_ap_2 Oct 2014.doc 7260 Oct 2015.doc 7270 Sept 2016.doc 7270_ap_1 Sept 2016.doc 7270_ap_2 Sept 2016.doc 7270_e Sept 2016.doc 7275 dec 2014.doc 7280 Sept 2016.doc 7280_ap Oct 2014.doc 7280_e_1 dec 2014.doc 7280_e_2 dec 2014.doc 7280_e_3 dec 2014.doc 7285 Sept 2016.doc 7285_ap Sept 2016.doc 7290 dec 2015.doc 7290_ap dec 2015.doc 7300 Dec 2015.doc 7300_e_1 dec 2015.doc 7300_e_2 dec 2014.doc 7300_e_3 dec 2014.doc 7305 May 2016.doc 7305_ap May 2016.doc 7310 Oct 2015.doc 7310_ap Oct 2014.doc 7315.docx 7325 Oct 2015.doc 7325_e Oct 2015.doc 7330 dec 2014.doc 7330_e dec 2014.doc 7340 AP E1 Sept 2016.docx 7340 AP1 Sept 2016.docx 7340 Sept 2016.doc 7340_ap_1_e_2 dec 2014.doc 7340_ap_1_e_3 dec 2014.doc 7340_ap_1_e_4 Dec 2014.doc 7340_ap_1_e_5 Dec 2014.doc 7340_ap_2 July 2012.doc 7340_ap_2_e_1 Dec 2014.doc section 7 index.doc

Chapter 8

0810 Oct 2015.doc 0820 December 2014.doc 0820_e December 2014.doc 0825 December 2014.doc 0825_ap Oct 2014.doc 0830 December 2015.doc 0830_ap December 2014.doc 0830_e_1 Oct 2015.doc 0830_e_2 Oct 2015.doc 0870 December 2014.doc 0880 Oct 2015.doc 890 Sept 2016.docx 0895 December 2014.doc 0895_ap December 2014.doc 895 E1 Sept 2016.docx 895 e2 sept 2016.docx 8100 October 2014.doc 8110 Sept 2016.docx section 8 index.doc

Griggsville-Perry CUSD 4202 North StanfordGriggsville, IL  62340

p. 217.833.2352

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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